Thursday 14 September 2017

Battling, as usual, to make the most of the small amount of time left for writing after the rest of life has happened. People always say that it’s a cop out to complain about not having enough time but I wonder if those people have full time jobs or kids or mortgages or lazy streaks. The second part of Ghost Road is coming along in spite of my neglect. It’s still a way from completion but some of the more difficult bits have been sorted so that’s good. The way it’s going I’m feeling like this is the last part of the story. The loose ends seem to be wanting to wrap themselves up and I don’t want to drag it out too far. Originally the whole thing was going to be wrapped up in one book but I got to 300 plus pages and realised that it was going to need to spread further. It’s basically just the story of a haunted street and that part of the idea could go on forever by just introducing new characters and new ‘ghosts’. But the underlying story, I think they call it the mythology, will probably be resolved in this second book. The thing that is bugging me at the moment is what to call it! Do I call it Ghost Road 2 or think of some completely new, unrelated title? It has been suggested that I use a subtitle e.g. Ghost Road: The Revenge but this just reminds me of cheesy TV movies and bad sequels. Any suggestions gratefully received. Anyway, when the book finally comes out I’m hoping that it will coincide with the release of a new edition of the original Ghost Road. This will be subtly different from the current edition but not affect any major plot points; in other words I won’t be ‘cheating’ by planting stuff that justifies new developments in Part 2. It will just be a freshening up of formatting and language so that the story flows as a continuous read. Also the covers will be done in a fresh style that ties the books together without making it impossible for them to stand independently. That’s it for now. Sorry it’s been so long since I updated this page. Thanks so much to those of you who have bought any of my books and especially to those who have emailed me with feedback or left feedback on amazon. By the way, can someone please leave me a positive review on amazon as the same negative one has been at the top of the list for weeks now and it’s driving me crazy! Speak soon. JK


Wednesday 11 January 2017

On Monday I submitted some work to BBC Writers’ Room. About twice a year they have a ‘window’ where they accept scripts. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been writing a thing called ‘Bad Eyes’ which is the first episode of a series or, more accurately, a serial. I finished it months ago and was waiting for the script ‘window’ to open. On Dec 9 the ‘window’ opened for one month only and I thought I’d give the script one last read-through before submitting it. Reading through, I saw so much that was wrong with it. Having not read it for months, I saw things that I must not have been able to see before. And now there was only one month to re-do it. Lesson learned: it’s worth resting things for a bit before you submit them. I went through the whole script again making changes and ended up cutting 20 pages!! It was over-written by TWENTY pages!! This took a bit of correcting. I thought I had the work done and dusted and ready to submit on Day 1 of the ‘window’ but it turned out I finished the rewritten script just one day before the ‘window’ swung shut. Phew!


Thursday 1 December 2016

Watched the final episode of The Missing on BBC1 last night. It’s been a great, well-written series from Williams brothers Harry and Jack. I enjoyed it as a viewer but I also loved watching from a writer’s point of view. The aspect of the series most interesting to a writer was probably the structure/plotting. There were eight episodes which is less than many brilliant American dramas such as Breaking Bad but more than most British series. I think The Missing had stronger links with the longer form drama series from the US than with British productions (with the possible exception of Broadchurch). The higher number of episodes gives more chance for in-depth characterisation and the plot can evolve rather than being forced. Both The Missing and Breaking Bad jump about in time which is a great device for building tension. I’m especially interested in this kind of stuff because I’ve just written an episode of a TV thing called Bad Eyes which will be submitted soon (it will no doubt never see the light of day) and the completion of it was a real learning curve for me.


Tuesday 15 November 2016

It’s been a full week since Donald Trump won the US Presidency and all the news and discussion programmes on TV are still talking about it. Had some heated exchanges on Twitter! I try not to talk exclusively to people I agree with on Twitter. Only talking to people you agree with all the time makes talking a bit pointless. On the other hand I am confrontation-averse, possibly confrontation-allergic or confrontation-phobic so I wouldn’t want to disagree too vehemently. If you want to confront me in a very non-confrontational way feel free to look me up on Twitter; ‘jonkenna0000000’. In other news; I’ve done no writing.


Tuesday 8 November 2016

I’ve been at the day job all day today. Tonight I’ve been doing a bit of work on Ghost Road Part 2. I know exactly which way the story is going to go because originally I conceived the books as one story. When writing Ghost Road Part 1 I got about halfway through when I realised that it was too big a story to tell in one book. At that point I split it up into two books. The problem then was to give GR1 a satisfying resolution without pre-empting the resolution of GR2. Most readers who have written to me have said that the GR1 ending was quite satisfying but that there were a number of questions left unanswered. The top question I’ve been asked is ‘what the hell was LPI all about?’ It’s ironic really because that’s one of the few questions that is answered within the GR1 text if you look carefully. Anyway, all those unanswered questions (almost) will be answered in GR2. 2nd most asked question is… who was driving the Fiesta with the flame tattoos? This will definitely be answered in GR2. So you’d think that actually writing the second book would be a breeze as I’ve already figured out the story arc. Nope. I’ll work on it again soon. For now, the US election TV coverage is beckoning.


Saturday 5 November 2016

No writing again today but a good amount of thinking. Doing the second part of Ghost Road takes quite a hefty amount of thinking time. The plot is what you might call labyrinthine. I’m actually not that big on plot as a writer. I’m bigger on character. I subscribe to the notion that you can have the greatest plot ever thought of and it will die a death unless readers, first of all, care about your characters. You can see soap operas making this mistake in recent years resulting in tumbling ratings; dramas which used to emphasise strong characters are now relying too heavily on plot. Worse still, even the plots are going out of the window in favour of events; a car crash, a murder, a jilting at the alter, a love child… All this leads to nothing but melodrama. And melodrama gets you into the law of diminishing returns; next week you need a bigger car crash, a bloodier murder, a double jilting at the alter… All you really need to do is build up a few interesting, believable characters and you could just have them sit in a room talking and viewers would love them. Anyway, here in England it’s Guy Fawkes Night which is when we all celebrate the life of a man who tried to blow up Parliament. We set off fireworks in the garden and lit a fire in the fire pit. More importantly we had hot dogs. Quorn of course.


Friday 4 November 2016

I didn’t do much in the way of writing as I was in Liverpool most of the day. I went to Tate Liverpool to see Tracey Emin’s famous (infamous?) My Bed (1998). I know there’s been a lot of “how can that be art?!!” about this over the years but I loved it. Art isn’t always something you want to put on display in your front room (you definitely wouldn’t want this one on display in your front room although I bet one or two of us have got something similar in their bedrooms!). Part of the attraction is because it’s so famous, I suppose (as is Emin herself nowadays) but also it feels like it’s a really honest piece; something which gives you a sneaky, peek into someone’s private life. What’s not to like? Anyway we had an amazing lunch after at Mowgli Indian Street Food in Bold Street. The yoghurt chat bombs were beyond tasty.  It lashed down with rain on the way back to the car after and we got soaked.

My Bed. Tracey Emin 1998
My Bed. Tracey Emin 1998
Mowgli, Liverpool
Mowgli, Liverpool