Today was mostly about the Christmas buffet at work and trying to submit my Uni assignment before the deadline tomorrow. The buffet was fantastic although I had to rush off after half an hour. The assignment I’m less sure about. It’s the first one of the course so I wasn’t sure exactly how to pitch it. The subject was Person-Centred Theory and Self-Concept. It was only 2000 words which you’d think I’d be glad about but there was so much stuff I could have put in but the word count wouldn’t allow it. Everything I decided to leave out had me panicking that it would be something essential that ought to be left in! Then there was all the fiddly bits like referencing which I’m always paranoid about. In the end I had to just call it a day and submit the thing online. After that was done I tried to put it out of my mind, got myself a drink and put the General Election on the TV. Exit poll came out at 10pm; big majority for Boris Johnson and the Conservatives. Goodnight.