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Portrait of Bukowski

Sketch Portrait of Charles Bukowski
©Jon Kenna 2022

I recently read Factotum by Charles Bukowski and liked it so much I read Ham on Rye. It’s some of the most powerful writing I’ve ever read. Not sure how I haven’t discovered Bukowski until now. I haven’t even started on his poetry yet. Born August 16, 1920 (all the best people are born on August 16) his writing was influenced by the ambience of his adopted home city of Los Angeles. He examines the ordinary lives of poor Americans, alcohol, relationships, and the drudgery of work. I love the vivid seediness and occasional, raw beauty of it. Bukowski died in 1994. This sketch I did of him is ink on paper.


By Jon Kenna

Author of three books; 'Ghost Road', 'Mr. Mad' and 'Susan Shocks'. All available from Day job in mental health.

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