Reclaiming Saddleworth Moor from Ian Brady


DSCN1174This is the lay-by where Ian Brady and Myra Hindley parked before carrying out horrifying murders on children in the 60s. I went to Saddleworth Moor recently and couldn’t help but think of the dark history of the place. Ian Brady died yesterday without revealing the location in which he buried Keith Bennett.

DSCN1170Maybe he got one last perverted kick out of retaining that information. When I heard that Brady had died I thought about writing a piece about him and what may have led him to commit such heinous acts. But doing that felt wrong; like somehow helping to build his sick celebrity status. Instead I decided to post some pics I took a few weeks ago on Saddleworth Moor where the bodies of Brady’s and Hindley’s victims were buried. It is a tragic place because of what two vile people did but it is also a spectacularly beautiful landscape. The Moor was there millions of years before Brady was born and it will be there millions of years after he died. From now on, his name should be erased from the history of this incredible place. Ultimately, that’s the only possible way to defeat him; make him insignificant… forgotten. Saddleworth doesn’t belong to him. If it belongs to anyone, it belongs to Keith Bennett and all the other children who play there. That’s who we’ll think of when we go to Saddleworth.





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