Getting Stuff Done by NOT making Decisions

4 thoughts on “Getting Stuff Done by NOT making Decisions”

  1. Seems like there was some manufactured “outrage” when he wore a light brown suit. It didn’t seem Presidential enuf (or something). I dress based on whatever the next shirt is in the closet rotation. Now if I could only get more regimented about my writing.

  2. Good point. I have been thinking for a long time that I need a better system for meal planning, so that I don’t waste time every night thinking about what to make. Meal ideas on Friday, shopping on Saturday, cooking on Sunday. Your post is inspiring me to actually try to get this streamlined routine started. That would mean more time for art and work I actually care about, right?

    1. Yes I reckon if you have a good timetable you no longer have to make a thousand decisions a day, you only have to make one decision ( whether to stick to the timetable or not).

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