The New Old President


The new President of the USA was born in the 1940s. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are at that point in life when most of us may well be thinking about winding down and taking it easy. Not so with these two. They want to take on the most demanding, pressurised job in the world. Why?

Perhaps it’s for altruistic reasons. Hillary wants to help disadvantaged, underprivileged groups and make a fairer society; Trump wants to make the country he loves great and powerful again. On the other hand perhaps it’s more ego-centric reasons that make these OAPs run for office. When you’re 69 maybe you feel like you want to make your mark on the world and, in some small way, achieve immortality. When you’re 70 maybe you feel like your physical capacity is starting to decline and so you want to demonstrate that you’re still virile in some respect before it’s too late.

It’s clear to me that neither Clinton nor Trump has any interest in the delights of wordsearches or the excitement of pensioner day at Morrisons. Neither have they sampled the heady thrill of watching Homes Under the Hammer in your PJs. Personally, I can’t wait until I’m retired when I’ll have the time to pursue my two favourite hobbies; lying down and sighing.





Published by Jon Kenna

Author of two novels; 'Ghost Road' and 'Mr. Mad' plus 'Susan Shocks' a book of stories for children. All available from

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