Coming Soon…

‘There will be a lot of new content appearing on this site in the coming weeks. I’ve got several projects on the go at the moment (including Part Two of Ghost Road) and I’m working on new ways to keep you updated. I’ll be starting a diary style feature which will hopefully be of interest to readers but also to fellow writers. This will appear here in written form but will also have a video counterpart which will be uploaded to YouTube with links posted here. News on new covers and special discounts/free books will be posted here as always but on a much more regular basis. With luck this site will become more of a living entity than it has been before and so it’s a great time to click the button and become a subscriber. I’ve been receiving a lot of really good feedback from readers lately and I’m keen to find a way to respond to every single contact as quickly as possible. So keep your comments or questions coming in whether it’s via the this website or email or Twitter (JonKenna0000000). Hope to hear from you soon.  JK ‘


3 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

    1. It’ll be a while I’m afraid as I’m still writing it but it will answer most of the questions left unresolved at the end of the first book. In the meantime there will be a lot more content appearing on this website in the coming weeks. I’d also be interested in any feedback people want to give on my other book ‘Mr. Mad’.

    2. Hi. Thanks for your interest and sorry for the delayed reply. I’m in the middle of writing Ghost Road 2 so it’ll be a fair while yet, probably next year. When it comes out there will hopefully be a rerelease of GR1 with new additions and a new cover. In the meantime my other books ‘Mr. Mad’ and ‘Susan Shocks’ are available from amazon. All latest news/ offers etc can now be found at

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